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How to Write a Business Plan for a Real Estate Agent | taught by Mike Cerrone

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8 top agents reveal their high 6 and 7 figure real estate practice business plans.  See every detail.  Plus get the 1-Page B-Plan Template (enter your info and have a plan in 10 minutes).

Here is what students are saying:

“Loved it … I love how you simplify things … for me it works (you speak my language)” – Helena Diamond

“I really enjoyed it. Lots of ideas. Wayne Turner and Brian Maecker were my what moved my needle the most.”– Daniel Stoltzfus

“I loved the 2-day b-plan summit. It was AMAZING and I thank you so much for doing it!” – Patty Billings-Malone

“I enjoyed it! My favorite part was the one page business plan at the beginning of the Summit. I had been looking at The Rockefeller One page business plan and was trying to cater it to Real Estate. You did the work for me. I appreciate you for that. I also enjoyed Les Walden, he seems so down to earth and caring. I can tell he loves what he does and have a passion for helping people. I also enjoyed Wayne Turner and Stephanie Gasparovic’s business building strategy. – Sheldon Woodson

“The Summit was fantastic. My favorite part was 50 deal a year business plan. I would attend again. I would also recommend the summit.” – Maurice Hyde

“I thought the summit was incredible. Several of the speakers were excellent with hands on ideas and I loved the slides to download.” – Martha Thorn

“I just wanted to tell you that I created my first business plan ever for Jasmina & I. I am so proud of it. Your template made it SO SIMPLE!” – Daniel Zivkovic

“I really enjoyed it. Learned quite a bit. Found the ability to ask questions terrific. Thanks for the presentations and templates. Perfect timing for my needs.” – Linda Serf

“It was great! I Know it will help me stay focused on my working plan. I have been in Real Estate ever since I been out of high school, that’s 34 years . I became very successful at an early age. I always had a business plan. Then I took a little break from Real Estate to spend more time with my family, for few years just dabbled in it. While I was having fun new era of Real Estate begun. Now I am back in the game, and I am very excited to start over again and see how high I can fly this time. Thank you for your program it has helped me fall in love with Real Estate all over again.” – Sylvia Pollifrone

Mike Cerrone
Mike Cerrone
Host of Success Calls

Mike Cerrone is the host of SUCCESS CALLS on the Master Mind Agent Network. Mike interviews the top real estate agents in the nation who sell up to 50, 100, 200, 300, and even 500+ homes per year. These amazing agents share their success secrets, strategies, and systems. Mike believes it's easier to learn from those who've already figured it out, then to try and re-invent the wheel.

Mike sold real estate and had a successful 17 year career. It was bumpy and slow in the beginning. He was hard-headed and wanted to do it "his own way". It was a rough road.

Mike eventually "woke up" after years of struggling. He "broke down" and just modeled the top agents. Business took off. In his best year, he sold 113 homes and was listed in the Top 300 Salespeople in America by the National Association of Realtors Magazine.

Mike went on to build real estate brokerages, mortgage brokerages, and real estate investment companies. He sold off part of his companies and now he is semi-retired from real estate.

Mike wanted to help other aspiring agents. He remembered that his career "doubled twice" when he started "modelling" the top agents. Now he searches for top agent "best practices", documents what he learns, and shares that knowledge with agents who want take their career to the next level.

Course Curriculum

1. MIKE CERRONE - How to write a simple (yet powerful) 1-page business plan
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2. BRIAN MAECKER -Top Agent B-Plan Review
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3. SHAWN CUNNINGHAM – Top Agent B-Plan Review
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4. LES WALDEN – Top Agent B-Plan Review
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5. RAQUEL QUINET – Top Agent B-Plan Review
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6. MIKE CERRONE – How to write a 1-page business plan to close 25, 50, or 100 homes a year
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7. SHANE WHITE – Top Agent B-Plan Review
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8. STEPHANIE GASPAROVIC – Top Agent B-Plan Review
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9. WAYNE TURNER – Top Agent B-Plan Review
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10. PAUL WHEELER – Top Agent B-Plan Review
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11. BONUS: SHANE WHITE – Business planning and knowing your numbers. It’s not what you make…it’s what you keep. How to get and stay profitable.
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12. BONUS: CARIN NGUYEN – Top Agent B-Plan Review (webinar replay)
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