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The step-by-step system for hosting, promoting, and profiting from a mega open house.  Draw in 20, 30, 40, and even 50 motivated buyers and sellers into your next open house.  Find a new client this weekend who closes in 30 days or less.

Host of Success Calls

Mike Cerrone

Mike Cerrone is the host of SUCCESS CALLS on the Master Mind Agent Network. Mike interviews the top real estate agents in the nation who sell up to 50, 100, 200, 300, and even 500+ homes per year. These amazing agents share their success secrets, strategies, and systems. Mike believes it's easier to learn from those who've already figured it out, then to try and re-invent the wheel.Mike sold real estate and had a successful 17 year career. It was bumpy and slow in the beginning. He was hard-headed and wanted to do it "his own way". It was a rough road.Mike eventually "woke up" after years of struggling. He "broke down" and just modeled the top agents. Business took off. In his best year, he sold 113 homes and was listed in the Top 300 Salespeople in America by the National Association of Realtors Magazine.Mike went on to build real estate brokerages, mortgage brokerages, and real estate investment companies. He sold off part of his companies and now he is semi-retired from real estate.Mike wanted to help other aspiring agents. He remembered that his career "doubled twice" when he started "modelling" the top agents. Now he searches for top agent "best practices", documents what he learns, and shares that knowledge with agents who want take their career to the next level.

Course curriculum

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    • Video

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    Core Principles - set the foundation for success

    • Core Introduction - there are the core concepts to Mega Open House System

    • What Is A Mega Open - the difference between a "traditional" and a "mega" open house

    • Why Mega Opens Work - the reasons, research, and stats explaining why mega open houses work so well in the digital age

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    • 7 Steps & Designation - outline of the 7 steps and explanation of the MOHS designation

  • 3

    Step 1: Identify Property - how to select the best house, get permission, and set time

    • Introduction To Step 1 - quick overview of how to identify the property

    • Select Property - how to target the right property in the right area

    • Get Permission - how to get permission to hold a mega open house from the seller or listing agent

    • Set Day & Time - the best day and time to hold a mega open

    • Homework - what to do next

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  • 4

    Step 2: Prepare Marketing - how to pull together the pieces you need for your marketing campaign

    • Introduction To Step 2 - quick overview of how to prepare the marketing

    • Target The Right People - identify your ideal prospects

    • Plan The Marketing - select the marketing and promotion that target your perfect prospect

    • Collect Info & Materials - gather the resources and data you need for your marketing and promotion

    • Homework - what to do next

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  • 5

    Step 3: Invite People - how to get the right people to your mega open house, including the Top 10 Traffic Boosters

    • Introduction To Step 3 - quick overview of how to invite the people

    • TB1: Directional Signs - design elements

    • TB2: Invite Neighbors - neighbors can be sellers, buyers, or referrals ... invite them

    • TB3: Notify Your Buyer Leads - invite your sign calls and internet leads

    • TB4: Internet Postings - draw traffic with internet postings

    • TB5: Flags & Balloons - get more attention and attendance with flags and balloons

    • TB6: Video Announcement - use video to invite more people

    • TB7: Targeted Facebook Ads - promote your mega open on Facebook

    • TB8: Drawings & Giveaways - easy way to get contact info

    • TB9: Food, Drink & Music - get more people there and keep them longer

    • TB10 - Sign Spinner Twirler - get attention and send more traffic to your mega open

    • Survey, Mini & Budget - guest survey, "mini" mega, and cost budget

    • Daily Promotion Schedule - day by day activity schedule leading up to your mega

    • Homework - what to do next

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    • Example Video Announcements

  • 6

    Step 4: Set Up - how to set up the house, basecamp, and signs

    • Introduction To Step 4 - quick overview of how to set up open

    • Prep House - prepare the house for guests

    • Set Up Basecamp - how to set up your basecamp

    • Put Up The Signs - where to place the signs

    • Homework - what to do next

    • Download This Section Videos, Audios, Slides, Checklist, Sign, Form

  • 7

    Step 5: Host Event - how to host the event, get contact info, and set showing & listing appointments

    • Introduction To Step 5 - quick overview of hosting

    • Seller's Safety Approach - general approach for getting guest contact info

    • Working Hard Approach - Joshua Smith approach to getting contact info

    • Green World Approach - Chris Suarez approach to getting contact info

    • Vacant List Approach - Brent Gove approach to getting contact info

    • Yourself, Help, Numbers - Be yourself. Get help? Numbers goal.

    • Homework - what to do next

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  • 8

    Step 6: Wrap Up - how to clean up and report to seller

    • Introduction To Step 6 - quick overview of wrap up

    • Clean Up - after mega clean up duties

    • Report To Seller - after event report to seller or listing agent

    • Letter To Drawing Winner - congratulate and ask for business

    • Homework - what to do next

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  • 9

    Step 7: Follow Up - the fortune is in the follow up

    • Introduction To Step 7 - quick overview of follow up

    • Let's Meet Up - general approach to follow up

    • Can't Stop Thinking About You - Joshua Smith approach to follow up

    • Look What I Found - Chris Suarez approach to follow up

    • Congratulations! You're Approved! - Brent Gove approach to follow up

    • Homework - what to do next

    • MOHS Certificate & Designation - your completion certificate and designation logo

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  • 10

    Case Studies (audio only) - research, results, and methods of “real life” agents who generate leads, clients, and closings by holding mega open houses

    • Nate Brill - brand new agent

    • Thomas March - veteran solo agent

    • Melinda Estridge - veteran team leader

    • Chris Morton - veteran solo agent

    • Joe Jackson - veteran team leader

    • Brent Gove - veteran team leader

    • Chris Saurez - veteran team leader

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  • 11

    Bonuses - the extra training and material that will help you achieve your goal of a super productive Mega Open House

    • Teams & Megas by Mike Cerrone

    • Build A Team Of Mega Open Agents by Brent Gove

    • Facebook Ads by Leigh Brown

    • How To Run A Mega Open House by Joshua Smith

    • Q&A Mega Opens with Joshua Smith

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    Resources - other helpful items

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